The "Payouts" menu of your KKiaPay dashboard provides you with a detailed and chronological list of the reversals made by KKiaPay and to which you are subject. Are available for each of the items in this list:

  • The amount repaid;

  • The date of the operation;

  • The status of the operation;

  • The amount deducted by KKiaPay during the repayment operation;

  • Information related to the account (mobile money or bank account) being the subject of the transaction.

The status of a payout operation is a variable that can have the following values:

  • Success: the payout operation was completed without any problems ;

  • Failure: the payout operation could not be completed ;

  • Pending: the payout operation is in progress ;

Please note that the list of your various outpayment operations can be downloaded in CSV format (Excel file).

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