The configurable "Settings" menu in your KKiaPay dashboard refers not only to your profile but also to the banks and mobile money accounts linked to yours. It has the following three (03) sections: Profile, Bank Account and Users.


The "Profile" section offers you the possibility to modify your personal and your company information. The following information can be modified:

  • Personal information: Your full name, email address and password;

  • Company information: Your name, phone number, physical address and link to the website.

Bank Account

The "Bank account" section allows you to add a bank account to your KKiaPay account or delete one.

Adding a bank account requires the following information:

  • The name of your bank;

  • The country of residence of your bank;

  • The bank account number;

  • The account name;

  • The Swift code;

  • The number of your identity document (identity card or passport);

  • Digitized copies of your Bank Account Statement and Identification Document.

In the case of a company, in addition to the above information, there is a digitized copy of your Business License.

Mobile Money Account

You can link a valid Mobile Money account to your account in order to receive your payments. To do this, you will need to enter the phone number and confirm it with KKiaPay.


You have the possibility in the "Users" section to enlarge your team by inviting a user to KKiaPay. It is then up to you to define the rights of the latter on your KKiaPay account. He may be:

  • A financier: He analyses the evolution of your company and has only reading rights;

  • A developer: He takes care of the technical aspect of your company. It has editing and reading rights on your account;

  • An administrator: He has the same rights as your person on your KKiaPay account.

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