The "Developers" menu offers you with his submenu "API Keys" and "Logs" a technical overview of the various activities in your account.

API keys

There are three (03) KKiaPay API keys, required to integrate the payment aggregator, that identify you as a KKiaPay approved user.

Customer-oriented, the KKiaPay public key can be integrated into your Javascript and Android code and is intended to be entered on your WordPress table in the Settings section of our WordPress plugin.

The KKiaPay private key, only known by you and KKiaPay, is intended for server-side use and allows the verification of transactions made on your account by the KKiaPay API.

The latest KKiaPay API key, the secret key is a key for server-side use to transfer to your KKiaPay account.


This submenu provides you with a complete list of the various requests initiated from your KKiaPay account. For a given request, the following information is available:

  • The client that initiated the request (Android, Rest, WooCommerce);

  • The IP address of the initiator;

  • The resource used; The method used (POST, GET, PUT, etc.);

  • The date on which the said request was initiated;

  • The country from which this request was initiated;

  • The host.

Please note that the list of various requests initiated from your KKiaPay account can be downloaded in CSV format (Excel file).

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