Wordpress Jobster

Downloadable here or available directly from your WordPress dashboard, the WpJobster plugin can be used on your site when it is designed from WordPress. When installed and active, it is easily identifiable among your extensions.

In order to configure it you can either access the "Payment gateway" tab of the WpJobster plugin or the "Settings" tab of your KKiaPay plugin. Then click on the "Payments" tab. You will then see the interface below which shows you the list of the different WpJobster plugins installed.

Then configure the KKiaPay plugin by clicking on the "Manage" tab and entering a certain amount of information, including your API keys. Retrieve these directly from your KKiaPay dashboard (Developers > API Keys).

If you are in test mode with KKiaPay Sandbox, you must activate the test mode when configuring the KKiaPay plugin. In this case, you can use the test phone numbers offered by KKiaPay to get an idea of the KKiaPay live environment.

Configure your preferences and click Save. You can then use KKiaPay to receive payments from your customers.

Get paid with the KKiaPay's WpJobster plugin

Your customer will have to specify the payment method he wants to use in order to pay for your services. On the order page, he will find a list of the various payment methods available on your website. His choice will then have to be made in favour of KKiaPay. He'll then just have to click on KKiaPay to display the widget.

For a payment by mobile money it is as follows:

To finalize the payment, the customer will have to click on the "Pay" button and receive a message from his telephone operator asking him to confirm the debit transaction. The customer's account is then debited and KKiaPay, which is informed, notifies the customer of the success of its transaction.

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