A transaction is a financial operation involving a merchant (you) and a buyer (your customer). It can be initiated by your person using the KKiaPay dashboard or by your customer using your web or mobile application.

Transaction initiated by the client

The most common transaction is the one initiated by your customer using your web or mobile application. The latter communicates with KKiaPay via our widget which offers him the possibility to initiate and finalize a payment process.

Transaction initiated by the merchant

For one reason or another, you may be led as a merchant to initiate a transaction for a customer. In this case, you will use your KKiaPay dashboard.

Note that such a transaction can only be carried out based on the payment method that is mobile money (MTN Mobile money or Flooz money).

Cancelling a transaction

The KKiaPay dashboard provides you with a list of the various transactions made by your customers and involving you. If for any reason you decide as a merchant to cancel a customer transaction you will need to access the "Transactions" menu and initiate the transaction.

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