With KKiaPay, you can recover your assets at any time.

You can at any time, request from your merchant account the return of the sums collected from your customers. This is called a reversal. A payment transaction is performed on a Mobile Money account or a bank account from the available balance displayed on your merchant dashboard.

Indeed, three (03) types of balance are displayed on the KKiaPay dashboard :

  • The total balance : It accumulates all the transactions (reversed and reversed) carried out by the merchant since the activation of his account.

  • The available balance : It is the sum of all transactions that can be reversed.

  • The operation balance : These are all client transactions awaiting payment. When a payment is made using KKiaPay, the amount received is immediately stored in the operation balance. This amount will migrate from the operation balance to the availability balance:

    • the same day when the payment is made by Mobile Money

    • 72 hours later in the case of payment by Credit Cards

The merchant will not be able to be repaid if his available balance is zero.

Configuration of the payout method

You can configure your payout preferences in the KKiaPay Settings menu. Three (03) payouts modes are available : period payout, level payout, and instant payout.

Payout by period

The payout by period allows you to define a time interval/frequency at which you wish to proceed with the recovery of your various assets. If the available balance of your account allows you to do so, you can be reimbursed :

  • Every 03 days

  • Every 07 days (Weekly payout)

  • Every 30 days (Monthly payout)

Thus, depending on the frequency chosen, your entire available balance will be transferred to a Mobile Money or bank account.

Level Payout

The level payout allows you to specify from which amount available on your account, KKiaPay will have to pay you back your assets. This amount is variable, but may not be less than 50,000 Fcfa.

Instant Payout

This option is only available for merchants who have subscribed to the KKiaPay professional offer.

This type of payout allows a KKiaPay professional merchant to receive, immediately, all or part (amount to be defined) of its available balance. It allows the merchant to be paid up to 300000 FCFA per week.

On the KKiaPay account home page of a KKiaPay professional merchant you will find the "Request an instant payment" button. A click on the latter initiates the process of spontaneous reversal.

Payout to a mobile money account

You can request the payout of your assets to a mobile money account. To do this, you will need to add the phone number as a payout mode. A code will then be sent by KKiaPay to the number provided to verify it.

No charges are applied to the payouts made on a mobile money account

Payout to a bank account

In order to request a refund of your assets via a bank account, you must add the said account from your dashboard.

Payouts via bank account are subject to transaction costs amounting to 7000 CFA per repayment, regardless of the amount of the said repayment.

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