Transactions on KKiaPay may be subject to charges levied. Be informed of the amount of these.

Your KKiaPay transactions, regarding on their nature, are subject to fees charged by the payment aggregator. These fees are charged at two levels:

  • When the customer purchases your products or services;

  • When KKiaPay transfers your assets to you.

Fees charged to your customers

When your customers make purchases on your e-commerce site using the mobile money payment method, they are charged at 3% of the total amount of the purchases that they made.

Fees collected from the merchant

In the case of a payment by credit card, the merchant is charged at 3.5% of the total amount of purchases made by his customer.

Similarly, KKiaPay collects fees from the merchant at the time of the transfer of its credit notes.

In the case of a transfer to your mobile money account, KKiaPay waives your transaction fees.

In the case of a transfer of your assets on² your bank account, a sum of 7000 CFA is deducted from your account regardless of the amount repaid.

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