KKiaPay Direct

With KKiaPay Direct, get paid by WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and so many more !

KKiaPay Direct : What is it ?

KKiaPay Direct is a product of KKiaPay that allows you to generate unique and shareable payment links. It’s a link that can be hosted on a website, distributed on your social media (Facebook, Twitter and more) and directly accessible via Google. It is a customizable payment interface allowing your target to make donations or pay for your services.

KKiaPay Direct is a feature accessible to anyone with an active KKiaPay account.

How does it work ?

To generate your first payment link, follow the steps below :

Step 01

Start by filling in the reason why you want to generate a payment link. Do you want to sell items, raise funds, organize an event or simply get paid? The choice is yours.

Step 02

Click on the "Generate a Link" button and choose the type of link you wish to generate.

There are two (02) types of links: single payment link and multiple payment link. Single payment links are non-reusable. They allow you to receive one and only one payment, unlike multiple payment links which can be used several times by several people.

Step 03

Fill in the information related to your link (Name, Amount to pay, Payment method, etc.) and click on the "Generate link" button.

Your payment link is then automatically generated and a preview is offered to you. It can be edited and shared on your various social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and WhatsApp), by email or SMS.

To keep an eye on the various transactions carried out via this link, go to the details of the generated payment link and see the total amount collected, the number of people who paid via the link, the number of visits and the date of last use.

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